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2000 harley davidson sportster - Mini Motorcycle

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2000 harley davidson sportster

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News and Updates:

Go for Gold: The new customised Buell

The most distinctive motorcycle brand on the planet hardly needs much customisation, but Buell recently unveiled a one-off gold-plated version of the Lightning XB9S. Nine carat gold paintwork and a myriad of clever parts have transformed the American motorcycle into a street machine that oozes attitude and is stunningly beautiful at the same time...

Polar Bear Grand Tour - Stop 3

The third stop of the Polar Bear Grand Tour was Old Bridge, NJ. We had a huge turnout with bikes overflowing the parking lot into the street 30 minutes before sign-in. Here are some pictures from this run to Old...

Landmark BMW helmet system

BMW has shown a landmark new helmet system designed to reduce noise via noise cancelling technology inside the helmet and enable crystal clear voice communications and music. The helmet uses state-of-the-art materials (kevlar, carbon fibre) to create an ultralight, aerodynamic and very quiet helmet wind-tunnel tested to be the quietest helmet on the market. The helmet will enable communication with the pillion, or anyone via your bluetooth phone, or to listen to music clearly and wirelessly ON ANY MOTORCYCLE. The entire system is inside the helmet so it can be used on any motorcycle...

TransAmerica Trail Dispatch Up: Dual Sport Adventure in Colorado

Sam just dropped me off at the airport in Colorado Springs and I'm finally able to upload a dispatch and photos from our dual-sport motorcycling adventure this week. We got in a ride this morning from Salida over one trail and a jeep track that rose from pine forests to...

Bends in Bali: Motorcycling the Island - Bali Travel Guide

Going to Bali? Want to motorcycle? Take a look at this: A quick rush down to Seminyak to pick up the bikes and we are on the way. Little is Big in Asia and when it comes to bikes, the 200cc (but stupidity named) "Honda Tiger 2000" is king of...

The Hellbender - 145 horsepower Buell XB

November 14, 2004 The Buell is one of the sweetest-handling motorcycles available, but with its motive force provided by a decidedly outdated Harley Davidson pushrod motor it's easy to yearn for a few more horses. Enter the Hellbender, arguably the ultimate answer in Buell XB customising. ..

Serious Travel Phones

From Phil Baker has been trying out two phones targeted to the serious business traveler: Verizon's new Samsung SCH-a790 World Phone and Sprint's Samsung SP i-600. If you like Verizon's service and travel worldwide, the Samsung SCH-a790 may be just the phone for you. The Samsung SP I-600 from...

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How Do You Make Your Harley Davidson Look And Feel Like An Extension Of Yourself!

How do you make your Harley Davidson look and feel like an extension of yourself! Do you think maybe it's time to do a little customizing for that old girl of yours? Ask yourself this first. Why do we customize and add accessories to our Harley? Well, for me it's simple! We want to stand ...

Author: Keith Nivon


Want a chopper? Build your own!

Motorcycle chopper kits are a growth industry. But what does that mean to you and me? Well one thing that we know is that we will have more choppers to ogle at. There is not a single day that goes by without more and more pictures of chopper bikes that have just been finished showing up in all t ...

Author: Michael Holmes


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Motorcycle show draws 38 bikes

Victory, Suzuki and Kawasaki, according to Robinson.Olney resident Jayson Goble had a 2000 Harley-Davidson Sportster and a 1999 Victory at...

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2000 Black Harley Davidson Sportster XL 1200 C screamin' eagle

Recreational Vehicle year: 2000 Vehicle make: Harley Davidson Vehicle model: XL 1200C Sportster Mileage: 5,800 Engine: 1200 cc...

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