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February 3, 2000 ATV Staff Report

To be hip and a step ahead of the crowd is something we strive for at the Connection. Whether it's pushing a quad to its limits in a review, or giving you the information you need to make informed decisions when buying an ATV. -- In short, we make a special effort in publishing the earliest information on the latest news. However, even we were surprised to learn about this new line of Cargo All Terrain Vehicles (CATV) from Pug Power.
The Yazoo Power Equipment Company has changed its name to Pug Power as part of a corporate-wide image overhaul. The new name and image stems from its new management structure and refocused business objectives. The company fully intends to become a dominant player in certain targeted segments of the All-Terrain Vehicle market. Plans call for increasing their market share through innovative design and ambitious marketing efforts. Pug Power is hoping their latest venture will keep the tide rolling and take the company into the heart of the affordable CATV segment.
Because this information is so new, we only have a few photos and specifications. We're currently working with Pug Power in obtaining more information and a possible test machine of these three distinct series of CATVs. We'll publish the information as soon as it becomes available.

Press Release:

Badlands Series (B624 4x4)

The most versatile cargo/personnel carrier for off-road jobs. This 2200-lb payload capacity vehicle takes you, your buddies and your stuff on a journey through the roughest terrain (swampland, timberfall, steep grades, rocky surfaces, ditches, washouts, muddy fields and logging roads).

Click photo for detail

Full-time four-wheel-drive

Four-speed automotive transmission

Powerful 624cc engine

Easy power-steering

Heavy-duty frame and construction

Fully-articulating frame and traction drive

Assorted interchangeable cargo boxes/hydraulic power dump

Attachments to fit most any job description

Maximum 2200-lb payload

Back Forty Series (F570 6x4)

The most versatile cargo and personnel carrier for outdoor professionals (including municipalities, institutions and turf maintenance customers) in search of safe, comfortable and convenient access to work and recreational sites. This 1250-lb payload capacity vehicle lets you haul plenty of cargo and two to four people across moderate terrain. Standard rear hitch makes towing easy.

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Powerful 570cc engine

Six-wheel stance, four-wheel drive

Heavy-duty front and rear independent walking beam suspension gives cushioned ride

Extra large cargo box

Easy electric dumping option

Easy and responsive steering

Top-mounted shifter with finger-tip ease

Simple forward and reverse operation

Standard rear towing hitch

Loads of options available

Heavy-duty frame construction

1250-lb payload capacity

Wilderness Series (W480 4x2)

The most versatile cargo/personnel carrier for the ATV purist in need of a vehicle that can haul a friend and more cargo than their old high-end ATV could handle. The 1400-lb payload performance offers a smooth and comfortable ride, rapid acceleration and the ability to haul every accessory imaginable across terrains customarily traveled only by high-end ATVs. Standard rear hitch makes towing easy.

Click photo for detail

Powerful 480cc engine

Easy-action forward/reverse shifter

Rack and pinion steering

Differential lock gives added traction

Narrow stance gives better trail access

Loads of available options

Tilting box with tailgate/power dump